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work equity STATUTES

Equal Pay
Work Desk


These statutes prohibit employers from paying employees different wages based on gender.

Office Work

pay transparency:
pay history

These statutes prohibit employers from requiring applicants to provide pay history on applications or in pay negotiations, which can perpetuate the cycle of pay inequity.

Work Desk

pay transparency:
pay range

These statutes require employers to provide a pay range for an open position, which can help promote pay equity.

Writing on Computer


These statutes require employers to provide reasonable accommodations for pregnant employees without

negative consequences.


These reasonable accommodations may include additional bathroom breaks, weightlift restrictions, standing restrictions, and/or

temporary re-assignment of duties.

Levitating Objects


These statutes prohibit negative employment action based on pregnancy, including forced leave.

Parental Leave

These statutes give employees certain rights to take leave after childbirth, adoption, and/or miscarriage without negative employment consequences.

The rights given under these statutes may apply to all new parents or solely a birthing employee; may equate pregnancy with temporary disability (providing benefits under the disability statutes) or provide leave specifically for new parents; may provide for paid leave or unpaid leave; may create an insurance system to allow for paid leave; and may provide leave for biological birth, miscarriage, and/or adoption.

Workplace lactation

These statutes give lactating employees certain rights with respect to expressing breastmilk at work.


The rights given under these statutes may provide unpaid break time or paid break time; specific spaces for the purpose of expressing breastmilk; storage facilities to preserve expressed milk; and/or sink facilities for sterilization of expressing equipment.

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